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365 Days Of Motivation

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This book contains 365 days of motivation, do you even know what you could do in a whole year if you were COMPLETELY motivated?

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“Finally! Discover How To Stop Your Mind From Wandering, And Upgrade Your Motivation!”

You Can Hack Your Motivation Levels, Allowing You To Take Your Life To The Next Level!

A few topics explored in this book are:

  • Why you need to stay motivated. Why is it important to your success?
  • Motivational tips about listening and absorbing information
  • How you can take your life to the next level
  • How to work within groups and cooperate
  • How to stop yourself from losing motivation. We all go through slumps, but here’s what you can do.
  • How to open your mind to new possibilities
  • Finding your passion and keeping the motivation to pursue it
  • How to maximize your time alive so you can accomplish and tick off your dream list.
  • Living a life of simplicity. Living a simple life can be powerful. These tips will help you get started.

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