Save Your Marriage

If you find yourself in the position where you need to save your relationship… read on. You have to understand that regardless how much you wish your mate or your spouse to remain by your side, or to be back with you, more starving and hanging on will only make that individual even more tired and fed up with seeing you or making up with you.

Rather, cultivate the mental attitude, habit and conduct such that you don’t require that individual to be around for your happiness or pleasure. You truly don’t require someone else’s presence or approval to receive happiness and peacefulness.

If you discover how to cultivate this sort of mental attitude and habit, you’ll discover that your mate will be the one who will become frightened! They will get frightened of losing you!

Think of this: human beings tend to want what they don’t actually have!

If your mate or spouse is seeing somebody other than you, don’t stop them from seeing other people! Have a competitor around?

Here’s what you have to do. Don’t stop your mate from seeing others. If you sound off, and whine, and nag, I can tell you, the more they’ll wish to see the other individual!

How come? They can’t stand your sounding off, and yammering, and nagging! If you wish to stop them from having something that they desire, all the more they’ll desire it! Humans tend to desire what they don’t actually have.

The more you don’t give them your tending, guess what, they’ll want your tending back! They’ll begin wanting it! And they’ll urgently want it back.

The more you provide them attention, the more they’ll feel that you wish to command them, to restrict them, and the result is, they’ll baulk it, they’ll battle back! This will just hurt the relationship between the 2 of you.

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